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Sherlock Tool 101: A Great Tool for Ethical Hacking

A Kali Linux Tool that Allows You to Hunt Down Usernames!

What is Sherlock?

Sherlock is a free and open-source device accessible on GitHub. This device is free you can download it from Github and can utilize it for absolutely no cost. It is accustomed to finding usernames via web-based entertainment on 300 destinations. As you most likely are aware numerous clients register themselves via web-based entertainment stages utilizing their own names.

Assume we really want to find somebody on any online entertainment site, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. To do so we really want to go on various sites along and need to look independently over and over. This tool makes it simple for us to track down somebody’s web-based presence via online entertainment. It looks for usernames between 300 sites of online entertainment and gives the connected connection of that virtual entertainment stage. It is written in python language.

Elements of Sherlock

  • It is a free and open-source apparatus.
  • It is written in python language.
  • It is utilized to chase usernames.
  • It looks through 300 web-based entertainment sites.
  • It utilizes python content to look for usernames among 300 sites.
  • It requests a username and afterward searches for its online presence of it on other virtual entertainment.

#Method 1

Establishment of Sherlock apparatus in Kali Linux:

Stage 1: Open your Kali Linux and move to the Work area utilizing the accompanying order.

cd Desktop

Stage 2: You are in the Work area to make another registry here called sherlock utilizing the accompanying order.

mkdir sherlock

Stage 3: Move to the index that you have made utilizing the accompanying order.

cd sherlock

Stage 4: Presently you are in the sherlock catalog here you need to introduce the instrument utilizing the accompanying order. In this catalog, you need to clone the instrument from GitHub utilizing the accompanying order.

git clone

Stage 5: The device has been downloaded to the registry. Presently to rattle off the items in it utilize the accompanying order.


Stage 6: As you can see here is another catalog of the device. Utilize the accompanying order to move to this catalog.

cd sherlock

Stage 7: To rattle off the items in the apparatus utilize the accompanying order.


Stage 8: Presently you need to introduce the prerequisites utilizing the accompanying order. In the event that you don’t introduce the prerequisites, the instrument won’t run.

python3 - m pip introducer requirements.txt

Stage 9: Every one of the prerequisites has been downloaded now is the ideal time to run and test the device. To test the instrument utilize the accompanying order. This order will open the assistance record of the apparatus.

python3 sherlock - - help

The device has been downloaded and running effectively. You can now look for usernames by seeing the accompanying models.

#Method 2

If you already have a Linux software [despite it not being KALI] like Ubuntu, you have yet another method to use this tool and not miss on the fun of ethical hacking!


#cloning the repository
$ git clone

#changing the working directory
$ cd sherlock

#installing all requirements
$ python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

In case you need help with this tool, it can be done with just one statement:

$ python3 sherlock --help

Example: Run the instrument and find usernames on the different online entertainment stages.

An example that uses 'cd sherlock' and 'python3 sherlock markiplier'
Ubuntu with sherlock in work

In the above model, the device is looking for usernames on each of the 300 web-based entertainment stages. You can utilize your username or your objective username in the spot of username for instance if you have any desire to look for a username called harry your order ought to be python3 sherlock harry. This order will work certainly and will look through all usernames on 300 sites. This was about the sherlock device.

Now, as you may have noticed while working on your own system, this method is a bit slower than one would like. Don’t fret, for this problem does have a very simple solution. Just add,

--timeout 1

to the code and the process will take 1 second for each site it surfs.

An example that uses sherlock tool in syntax  'python3 sherlock --timeout 1 markiplier'
Using –timeout 1

This method is evidently far more efficient.

Uses of the Sherlock tool

Automating social media hunting: If you’re employed as a recruiter or anything that produces you looking for somebody across social media websites, Sherlock is certainly for you. Automation helps you to save lots of wasted time. You don’t need to open websites manually and search after you’ll be able to get this list by opening the command.

Customizing to your needs: Because it is an open-source project, you’ll edit the code to customize the result to your needs. you’ll be able to add more websites, make the list shorter, or maybe add the feature of attempting to find an inventory of users rather than only one? you’re liberal to update and use your version.

Know if a username exists: If you would like to form a brand new name, it’s important to create sure the username is out there on most social media websites. The results of a given username are not all from the same person since this is just a username search.

Be a part of an opensource project: Many developers wish to be part of the opensource community, but can’t find the proper project to begin. This project is ideal because it is little and with a transparent purpose.


So you will see that while Sherlock doesn’t have the instant accessibility of a username search website, it’s much faster and more accurate than most of the username checking resources that are frequent favorites within the OSINT community. It’s definitely one to feature in your research toolbox!

Learn more

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