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Is Artificial Intelligence superior than Humans?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the future. AI, there are a lot of debates lying and floating around us we are obviously getting influenced by the same. Since the era where we are currently living is still in the weak AI phase. What exactly would happen if we encounter real AI? There are many ways we are being controlled by AI. AI has became the core branch of study.

“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race….It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.

Stephen Hawking

What are the ways AI is controlling us?

  1. The Social replica creation

The social replica is the creation of all human activities on any social platform and creating a unique database for every human being and this is the reason for everyone there are different suggestions. AI monitors the web activity of the user and then it gives a unique tag to a person. If you really want to know what exactly I am telling you should watch “The Social Dilemma”.

2. Can AI will be able to surpass human capabilities?

This is technically a domain where the researchers are trying their best to create a smart AI, but the challenges are very much, to run a Smart AI we would need a supercomputer not the single one but the multiple sets of those. As you may be familiar with how the covid simulation was done. Do you have many more examples for this?

3. Are supercomputer using AI?

Not now but there are a lot of people trying to create the AI computer. We have to be optimistic in terms of building a super AI computer. There are many factors on which the working of AI computers is dependent.

Meta has built an AI supercomputer it says will be world’s fastest by end of 2022. Social media conglomerate Meta is the latest tech company to build an “AI supercomputer” — a high-speed computer designed specifically to train machine learning systems.

4. AI’s Power

Have you heard this name? JARVIS? JARVIS is the best version of chatbot and automated assistance, if you see the perspective behind it, the dataset while building JARVIS is huge and cannot be stored in a single server. Either it will need a supercomputer or a huge amount of virtual ram


In the covid era, it was really difficult for us as well as the scientist to simulate the virus, there were many difficulties, especially it was more challenging to simulate the virus in bulk since it was easy to simulate a single virus. The supercomputers can also not simulate the bulk viruses, so they discovered another way of doing simulation. Here all the computers were connected to the server by sharing their GPUs and RAMs. This was only the efficient way to simulate bulk virus.

World artificial intelligence conference

The debate between Elon Musk and Jack Ma was held during their faceoff in AI Jack Ma thinks the AI and machine cannot be smarter than human being since human is the ultimate creator of the machine, in reply to this Elon Musk was standing with his ideology that AI can be and will obviously smarter than the human being. Which of the ones do you think is right? So you might be thinking we are not in a position to judge, for this I have a solution for you. You can watch the video and comment below.


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